Next concert: Friday, September 28th, 2018, 7-9pm


What is the Songwriters Series?

The Songwriters Series is unlike any concert you’ve ever been to and it is more than a concert - it is an experience and a community that comes together to support and listen to the most incredible singer/songwriters you’ll ever see.

And let’s be clear: this is not an open mic, not just anyone can play on our stage. Only the absolute best performers appear at the Songwriters Series and I should know - I pick them.

My name is Corey Durkin. I’m an author, entrepreneur, angel investor, huge coffee drinker, and also, a musician. I am your genial host with the toast, I mean the most, and I host, emcee, organize and also play at the Songwriters Series.

Each concert, we have two incredible artists appear on our stage and they trade songs throughout the two hour show. But it’s not just listening to great music - in between the songs, I interview each artist and ask them about their writing process, about the stories behind their songs and about themselves. In this way, the audience is let into their world and they get a chance to learn more about their personalities and connect with their artistry in a way that no other show or venue gives them.

This is an intensely personal, intimate, curated experience and I am, quite frankly, steadfastly committed to putting ONLY the best talent on our stage.

We also have an incredible group of backing musicians and we regularly stretch songs that we’ve never heard before into exciting, sprawling jam sessions - an event that is completely unique to our Songwriters Series!

So whether you want to bring the whole family (it’s a great event for kids!) or you’re looking for a wonderful date night out with your partner, I encourage you to come on out and check out the Songwriters Series. You’ll hear some of the best music and you will love it, I guarantee it.


Check out our next performers on the September 28th show!

& remember - we're at our NEW location, 19 Main!

Elza Libhart

Brian Jarvis

Corey Durkin


19 Main Street, New Milford, CT 06776

19 Main is right on the New Milford green in the building where the old bank used to be!

Food/Drink Information

We recommend eating before or after the show.

Other FAQs

This is a great atmosphere for a date night OR for a night out with the kids! It is, indeed, kid-friendly and we do our best to keep everything PG.

Should you come to the Songwriters Series?

Here's a list of the reasons why you should come to the next Songwriters Series concert:

  • Your chance of seeing the next Bruce Springsteen is very high
  • Your chance of seeing the next Mariah Carey is even higher
  • We're known for breaking out into sing-a-longs with the entire audience which is really great if you
  • There's a good chance that attending the show will actually make you taller
  • Most of our audience members leave the Songwriters Series, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

I loved the show. Fun, energetic, a great date night for myself and my girlfriend. Will absolutely attend again!

Pat M.
Pat M. Newtown, CT

A very fun and intensely personal experience at the Songwriters Series. I'll continue to drive from Hoboken to NM to attend - great people, even better music.

Ally F.
Ally F. Hoboken, NJ

Reserve your seat!

Tickets are free but we do give first priority to people who register ahead of time. This allows us to get a better read on food requirements for each show and helps our team run things easier. If you're going to attend, we would greatly appreciate you registering below!

Want to play @ the Songwriters Series?

We LOVE getting submissions from local musicians! Email links to your music to: jessica [at] betheuplift [dot] com and we will take a listen and reach out if there's a fit!