Be involved in the change!

Join our team as we do things with you. Our goal is to help you achieve those goals and also to build a really tall tower made entirely of Marshmallows.


Week one is all about learning how to tie your shoes with one hand.


Week two is where you'll unlock your inner Feng shui and also learn how to best organize your sock drawer.


Week three is where you'll learn exactly what these cool circle charts with numbers mean...because I sure don't.

Happy thoughts from our clients

MJ and Corey had a really cool seminar where I learned all about cool things. The atmosphere was really cool and the room's temperature was really cool too!


You should really buy from this company. Great customer support and they often send you free soggy waffles in your packages.


I love this company and MJ's muscles. They feel a lot like mashed potatoes.


The Zen Life e-book

Our famous e-book with 300+ pages of Zen Life information.

Whales greatest hits

The absolute best of our own Zen Life whale recordings.

Limited edition stickers

A pack of 300 limited edition Zen Life bumper stickers.

Be The Uplift

We offer a variety of courses and other cool things like merchandise. 

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Course 2
Course 3
Course 4
Course 5
Course 6

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